Creating the Ultimate Doctor Hygiene Exam

Hygienist’s serve the entire population in every dental office and it’s one of the reasons why we see patients saying, “yes” to their dental needs. A typical exam “in the good-old days” used to look like: Dr. comes in and says hi to the patient and catches up on the latest camping trip taken with […]

Creating Your Ideal Practice

Learn it | Live it | Teach It – VIDEO


Learn It, Live It, Teach It… Daily Habits

In my previous posts, I described the two first concepts of my ADMC “TEDx Style” talk.  Creating a vision for your life and choosing your mindset.  These are powerful concepts and take time to master.  However, if you focus on the day to day, those concepts will fall into place. There are three main Daily […]

Introducing Daphne Sipes- New Vet Coach

The Fortune Management Team would like to welcome aboard the newest member Daphne Sipes. Daphne will be hosting a course on Breakthrough Veterinary Marketing. She would love for you to invite your vets! Breakthrough Veterinary Marketing Date: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 Location: Business Tech Center, 8301 E Prentice Avenue, #400, Greenwood Village, CO 80111 Time: […]

Learn it, Live it, Teach it…con’t!

In my last post, I introduced this concept of Learn it, Live it, Teach it. The ADMC “TEDx Style” event was a fantastic forum to bring this concept to my colleagues. The basic concept is that if we want our clients to be successful, we must be successful first and adopt the philosophies we teach […]