Introducing Chris Hammelev, RDH

We are thrilled to have an outstanding new member of our team. Chris is both a Fortune Management coach as well as a coach with Hygiene Mastery. Chris Hammelev, RDH comes from a peak performing dental team in Southern Colorado, which utilizes Fortune Management. She has enjoyed being a hygienist for over 25 years, but […]

[VIDEO] It’s Been 25 Incredible Years! Happy Anniversary, Fortune Management!

Executing on Your 2015 Goals

If you’re like Fortune Management practices, you’ve done your Annual Plan and you’re now executing on that plan. You’ve created solid financial (production and collection) goals as well as your marketing plan – how you’re going to get there. Right about this time in the year, we see doctors – dentists, veterinarians, optometrists and MDs – asking us […]

Creating the Ultimate Doctor Hygiene Exam

Hygienist’s serve the entire population in every dental office and it’s one of the reasons why we see patients saying, “yes” to their dental needs. A typical exam “in the good-old days” used to look like: Dr. comes in and says hi to the patient and catches up on the latest camping trip taken with […]

Creating Your Ideal Practice

Learn it | Live it | Teach It – VIDEO